Do you eat...


what's your favourite episode of Psych?

Any episode in which Gus says…

Hello Rob! :D what is your plan of action after discovering that the end of the world is near?

Let us take part in the most embarassing moment you had so far... puh-lease? *-* (Yes, that's a question, there's a "?".)

Hmmm…well, it’s not really a moment but the first thing that comes to mind is an embarrassing photo I took when I was 14.

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What is your favorite piece of stop-motion animation?

I know this is a stereotypical sort of answer but I think the best stop-motion film is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Excellence animation, design, music, and even a good story you’ll want to enjoy again and again. But another stop-motion piece near and dear to my heart is The Neverhood (and it’s sequel, Skullmonkeys), a point-and-click adventure game with cut scenes AND in-game graphics animated using stop-motion. It’s beautiful and fun. Introduced me to the work of my favorite artist, Doug TenNapel.

I’m also looking forward to that new ParaNorman movie. Looks mint.

What is your favorite way to travel?

Only the most classiest means of travel known to human kind…

((I know i've already asked you something, but this is a new something :'D You're Robo, I'm Robo. I am almost positive there is nobody else on the world besides us with that nickname. Let's rule the world as the only Robo's in exsistance! C: ))

Let’s do it.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

You see Egg is always late to parties.

What if there will be real lightsabers in 10 years that will replace usual knifes and swords? Will we be able to toast our bread while cutting it? Will we use them for hunting purposes? Will we fight epic battles with friends? Or will they be invented by Apple, called iSaber, cost 200.000$ and track every move and action of yours via GPS? *herpaderp*

If anybody could own real, working lightsabers…reality TV would be a lot more interesting.