Can’t Keep Johnny Down Stills

All the orange, blue, black and white stills from my entry for They Might Be Giants’ “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” video contest.  I completed these digital pieces over two separate days; the first half one day, the second half another day.

Be sure to watch my animated entry on YouTube.

Here’s my animated music video I’ve been working on for the past two weeks! It’s an entry for They Might Be Giants video contest so here’s hoping I win! :D

Be Ready to Show Your Support

When I post my video entry for They Might Be Giant’s “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” contest, I’ll need you to show support for it on YouTube and Facebook. Savvy?

I believe you’ll need to like TMBG’s page on Facebookto be able to like my video once I post it on their page, so I’d appreciate if you can do that for me. Also, if you repost my video on your FB page, like it/favorite it/comment on the video on YouTube, and reblog on tumblr it would be a big help with getting it recognized.

The deadline is the 15th and I’ll probably finish the video in two or three days, so I’ll let you know when I post it.  Thanks, guys. :D

Busy Business

Howdy, kids.  Happy 4th of July!  Hope you had a good one.  My Independence Day was chalk full of labor!  Oh, the glories of animation! *Sarcasm*

I believe July is set up to be my busiest month of 2011 so far.  I’ll be working on my comic short, editing videos, starting some contract work, gearing up for Comic Con, and, the best/worst part, I’m animating an animation.  I’m animating a cartoon music video for a contest They Might Be Giants’ is hosting (here are the details if you’re interested:  The deadline is the 15th and I only started less than a week ago, so I’m cutting it close, but it’s moving along fine and looking fantastic.

The most exciting news is that I may have a sudden and one-in-a-million illustration opportunity, but I won’t drop any details until it’s confirmed.  For now, I’ll just say it’ll make the next couple of months even busier.

And in light of all this busy business of late, I must unfortunately announce that I will not be finishing Johnny Samurai Private Eye Issue 1.  I will keep all my work on hand and possibly finish it later.  After all, I finished the script and much of the design, so JSPE will probably be back someday.  But the Johnny Samurai series is not my main goal; it never has been.  I have shorts and novels I want to do and if I’m going to be busy with other, more important work, the only personal comics I will want to be working on the side are some short reads and my major epics.

Also, just to have open for those interested and I that might pocket a little extra cash, I was going to post commission information.  But now that things haven’t gotten a little crazy, I may wait on that…we’ll see.

I hope everything is well with everyone. Feel free to share how you’ve been doing and what you’re currently working.  I’d love to hear from you.  Cheers!

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